Access to a K12 classroom:

I don’t have access and need help getting matched up with a teacher. I am interested working with a high school teacher. Also I am not very sure what I may be able to do for a project at this point in time since I am not very familiar with the curriculum and schools.

Brainstorming for a project

I am interested in a project using a wiki for a collabrative learning experience. I found great tool named xtimeline . This tool allows creation of a timeline on a subject, and let others to contribute to it as well. This works much like Wikipedia where multiple users can add information to an ongoing project.



2 thoughts on “”

  1. Ali:

    This is very much a shot in the dark, but given your skill set and interests, I think something completely on-line might work out, given the right match.

    So: Thinking wikis and collaborative work and timelining, I’m thinking of Dan McDowell, who teaches high school history in San Diego. He does amazing stuff with wikis and other tech tools–check out his website at Browse his stuff and if you’re interested, contact him. I think if you explained that you’re interested in xtimeline, you could pitch an activity or instructional support that could be developed and supported at a distance, given that he’s pretty doggone tech-savvy.

  2. I think it sounds like an interesting idea using xtimeline BUT it may work best only as an additon to some other tool or tool set you use for the project. If it is highschool history you are looking for in the placement I will look around for you.

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