Record of activities for the week (10-17 Sept.)

I’ve been thinking of this project for about two weeks now, and I’m worried because I am not sure how long this process of finding a classroom teacher to work with will take. I hope I can find someone to work with as soon as possible so that I will be able to make some progress.

So far I’ve not been able to find any teacher to work with or decide on a subject or grade for the project.

Last week I have emailed the history teacher,Dan McDowell, from San Diego. I also asked for Tim’s help to find me a teacher to work with in BASD. I am hoping to get things going and start working on the project from next week .


Dan McDowel replied my email last week. Unfortunately he is busy with other projects and “on a tight time schedule and don’t really have some “open” time until March/April. Good news is that he like the idea of using xtimeline tool and he can help me find a teacher by posting something on his blog. I guess I will try to find a teacher from a school around here rather than trying to look from far.


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