Project Updates ( Oct 29 – Nov 5th )

This week I presented Google Page Creater (GPC) during Dr. Waddel’s class on Tuesday. I tried to demonstrate how to create a portfolio using GPC and I ran into some issues with browsers on my macbook. Both Firefox and Safari on my macbook didn’t allow me to use some functions of GPC that requires pop-ups. So I finally demonstrated using IE 7 on windows xp which was the test environment I used before when I created the how-to document.


Unfortunately, all the students in the class on Tuesday, had already designed their portfolio’s using Dreamweaver and they had more questions on how to use dreamweaver. In spite of this, I was still able to demonstrate to them how easy and useful GPC is for creating portfolio Website. Some students said they plan to re-design the entire portfolio, so I am hoping that some of them will use this tool.

Also I am hoping to assist those two students who are not in the class on Tuesday as they are my intended audience for this tool since they have not yet created portfolio Website.


Records of activities for the week (Oct 15- Oct 29 )

This week Lifang and I met Dr. Hammond at his office to test drive what we will present during next week tuesday at Dr. Waddel class. Here is what we will likely be doing on wednesday 30th October, when we meet the teaching interns at Mac Lab.

  • Show everyone’s Lehigh website?
  • Ask: In five years, where will your portfolio be?
  • Go over the rubric, ask people to score their website or that of a classmate
  • Find out who is
    • using Mac vs PC
    • working from campus vs from home
  • Organization for the session:
    • FTP’ing files — everyone needs to know this
      • Mac or Windows
      • Understanding file location in FTP vs. file access via URL
    • Google Pages — two different ways to view this (starting portfolio or moving portfolio)
    • Q&A time — Dreamweaver, etc.  OR Word-PDF conversions
    • Review what you covered
  • Provide contact info
  • …set follow-up date if necessary?

Also during our meeting Dr. Hammond gave us very useful suggestions on how we should write our how 2’s. Here is the first draft of  document I prepared on “How to use GPC to create portfolio Website“.

Reflections on pattern of use of technology

Let me start by writing how I use technology until this semester and how or what has changed during this semester.

In the past I very much enjoyed using technology to keep in touch with family and friends and use it as a library of resources for class work. I spend several hours everyday talking to my friends in MSN messanger, writing emails, reading online news papers or blogs. Even though I used technology for learning and created some online content through blogs and wikis, for me technology is good tool for social connectivity with a clear recognition that online resources are a great way to learn new things.

Since the beginning of this semester, I started using technology especially Internet differently. I came to know a number of new as well as familiar tools from our class tools presentations that persuaded me to use these tools. Also I started using some new tools for another class I am taking this semester: Bugeting, Managing and Maintaining Technology in Schools. I started contributing or publishing online more than ever through weekly blogs, wikipedia, wikibook project for class.

In addition , I started learning new tools and ways to use technology for instructional purpose from my internship at Library Technology Services(LTS). It is amazing for me ,at times to listen to, how much technological resources are available for us and how different get influenced to start using technology. Some times its a from a presentation, some times its from a one-to-one demonstration session of the tool/technology , or some other conditions that forced them to use the technology. As for me I get influenced in many different ways. For example I stated using social bookmarking tool and RSS after listening to our class presentations. Also I try to test and start using any new tools/technology that I feel will be useful for me in the future.

what exactly a student does these days?

This is a fascinating video from Introduction to Cultural Anthropology class at Kansas State University, Spring 2007. It shows what exactly students do these days and how some student experiences are changing.

There are some socking findings from this study which was compiled using a Google Doc with 367 edits by 200 collaborators. Here are some of the stats from 133 students surveyed:

  • “My average class size is 115.”
  • “18% of my teachers know my name.”
  • I complete 49% of the readings assigned to me. Only 26% … relative to my life
  • I will read 8 books this year.” “2300 web pages” “and 1281 facebook profiles”
  • “I will write 42 pages for class this semester.” “And over 500 pages of email

Records of activities for the week (Sep 24-Oct 1)

I am not sure what happened to my original post on this weeks activities . I think I have overwritten the post and I am no longer able to see it in my blog. Also this was the post I tried to test the “trackbacks” feature. I am sure I was able to post it and send track backs to class blog but I am not sure what happened after that.  Here is what I think I did during this week.

I emailed Dr. Bishop requesting details of possible projects that I can work on. As usual she immediately replied with all the details and suggestions for me. I decided to work on producing tutorials on how to use the new e-portfolio system. These tutorials will be used by teacher ed students in Dr. Waddel’s class.

Records of activities for the week (Oct 2- Oct 14 )

I forced myself to start working on the project because I need to submit  initial draft of project documentation. I am not very sure if all what I do at this point can be of use in future. I am still doubtful of the new custom made e-portfolio system. If its not ready in another two weeks time, I may have to work with Lifang to create tutorials , for Dr. Waddel’s  teacher ed students, on creating student portfolio’s using available resources at Lehigh( designing Websites using HTML editor and uploading to Lehigh server space).

As of new e-portfolio system , at this moment , I am unable to log-in with my Lehigh user name since the system only allows user names with four characters only.   I am expecting to get a temporary log-in name and password from IT-team, so that I can test the system.

Also last week, Dr. Hammond emailed both of us( me and Lifang ) with  detailed information on how he expect things to happen. He also gave us some important documents to get a sense of existing level of instructional materials and students capabilities.

ePortfolio project

The University of Denver eportfolio implementation at Lehigh is another major project that is currently in the testing stage. I believe this will be very useful for college of education as well the college of business and at other colleges. As a student instructional technology program, I have seen some of my classmates struggling to design and upload their personal portfolio Websites. The eportfolio has tools and features that makes the task of creating a portfolio Website easier and simpler. It focuses on the content rather than on the technology. This means creating a portfolio is very easy as it does not require knowledge of HTML or web development packages.

This eportfolio system is also used at Florida International University (FIU) and I had the opportunity to listen to one of the team member from FIU. From the discussion and conference call with Lauren Wass of FIU, I found that they faced several challenges during their implementation and there are some issues still to be solved. These are similar to issues related to implementation of an open-source software as there may not be too much support available. The eportfolio project is taking hours and days to troubleshoot and customize according to the needs. This is one of the major drawbacks of such a project.

One particular question I had in mind was on the future of this product, if University of Denver stops their development. I had a long conversation with Jason from College of Business on these issues. He told me that this was discussed and the legal issues has been sorted and put on fine print to ensure Lehigh will be able to use the product even if University of Denver stops their development.


George from IT Team told everyone during the team meeting on last Thursday that he was able to setup and use the system with few problems. The issue of authenticating users using the banner and customizing all the other features will be the next major challenges.

Records of Activities for the week (17-24 Sept.)

This past week I got a reply to my email to Dan, the history teacher and I talked to Tim and Demet about placement possibilities for one of the schools in BASD. They both promised me they will try and let me know if they find a teacher who is willing. One problem at this point is that Tim may only be able to get someone from elementary or middle school and Demet is still waiting for a reply to her email to one of the Math teachers from Liberty High School.

Dan McDowel replied my email last week. Unfortunately he is busy with other projects and “on a tight time schedule and don’t really have some “open” time until March/April. Good news is that he like the idea of using xtimeline tool and he can help me find a teacher by posting something on his blog. I guess I will try to find a teacher from a school around here rather than trying to look from far.