ePortfolio project

The University of Denver eportfolio implementation at Lehigh is another major project that is currently in the testing stage. I believe this will be very useful for college of education as well the college of business and at other colleges. As a student instructional technology program, I have seen some of my classmates struggling to design and upload their personal portfolio Websites. The eportfolio has tools and features that makes the task of creating a portfolio Website easier and simpler. It focuses on the content rather than on the technology. This means creating a portfolio is very easy as it does not require knowledge of HTML or web development packages.

This eportfolio system is also used at Florida International University (FIU) and I had the opportunity to listen to one of the team member from FIU. From the discussion and conference call with Lauren Wass of FIU, I found that they faced several challenges during their implementation and there are some issues still to be solved. These are similar to issues related to implementation of an open-source software as there may not be too much support available. The eportfolio project is taking hours and days to troubleshoot and customize according to the needs. This is one of the major drawbacks of such a project.

One particular question I had in mind was on the future of this product, if University of Denver stops their development. I had a long conversation with Jason from College of Business on these issues. He told me that this was discussed and the legal issues has been sorted and put on fine print to ensure Lehigh will be able to use the product even if University of Denver stops their development.

Good News..lu-eportfolio.JPG

George from IT Team told everyone during the team meeting on last Thursday that he was able to setup and use the system with few problems. The issue of authenticating users using the banner and customizing all the other features will be the next major challenges.


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