Podcast: what is Jing?

jing logoHere is a one minute podcast I created on Jing, another cool product from TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia and SnagIt. download the file here.



2 thoughts on “Podcast: what is Jing?”

  1. Ali, I liked your podcast topic. It is a good idea to give information on Jing, as I guess most of us don’t know it. You have presented yourself in the beginning of the podcast and added a comment/ question section. You have also provided your e-mail adress so that people can communicate with you. I really like these ideas. However, I think it is better if you speak up a little. That would help people to hear you better. Thanks for Jing again.

  2. Ali,

    Thank you for introducing me to Jing. Since my tool project was Captivate, Jing is a close relative. The podcast introduced the product and gave a brief description of what it does. It was enough to make me search out additional information. The only negative was on occasion, the music was a little louder than your voice. Other than that, I thought it was very good.

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