Records of activities for the week (Oct 2- Oct 14 )

I forced myself to start working on the project because I need to submit  initial draft of project documentation. I am not very sure if all what I do at this point can be of use in future. I am still doubtful of the new custom made e-portfolio system. If its not ready in another two weeks time, I may have to work with Lifang to create tutorials , for Dr. Waddel’s  teacher ed students, on creating student portfolio’s using available resources at Lehigh( designing Websites using HTML editor and uploading to Lehigh server space).

As of new e-portfolio system , at this moment , I am unable to log-in with my Lehigh user name since the system only allows user names with four characters only.   I am expecting to get a temporary log-in name and password from IT-team, so that I can test the system.

Also last week, Dr. Hammond emailed both of us( me and Lifang ) with  detailed information on how he expect things to happen. He also gave us some important documents to get a sense of existing level of instructional materials and students capabilities.


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