Padlet has been around for a while, but it continues to stay relevant and remains one of padlet_logo_jit-150x156the tools I always come back to, especially if I am using a student-centered lesson such as student projects.

Here is what is great about this dependable and time-tested app:

  1. You can record a video or voice note right in the app. This gives the teacher the ability to leave a video prompt or have students leave video responses. While there are many apps that do this – and do it well – this is just another way you can add creativity and creation to your Padlet.

Made with Padlet

2. There is a gallery of sample padlets that helps to get started easily.

Made with Padlet

3. Comments just got more powerful. You can add likes, vote a response up or down, and giving student the ability to see which responses are the most compelling.

Made with Padlet

4. The Dashboard is more visual and less cluttered.




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